Weight 1000g


Potatoes 35%, carrots 25%, zucchini 25%, onions 10%, celery 5%

Nutritional Value

 Per 100gPer portion 250g
Energy 40kcal 99kcal
Fat 0,2g 0,5g
of which saturates 0,0g 0,1g
Carbohydrates 8,8g 22,0g
of which sugars 1,7g 4,3g
Fibre 1,9g 4,8g
Protein 1,3g 3,2g
Sodium 0,03g 0,10g
  Per 100g % of GDA
Vitamin A 2886 I.U 61%
Vitamin C 5,7μg 10%

Per portion 250g contains

Energy 99kcal 9%
Fat 0,5g 0%
Saturates 0,1g 0%
Sugars 4,3g 5%
Sodium 0,10g 3%
Fibre 4,8g 0,19%

*GDA: Recommended Daily Intake an adult should consume (based on a 2.000 calories/day nutritional program)


Cook as any vegetable, whithout defrosting


Refigerator Freezer -6 o C Freezer -12 o C Freezer -18 o C
24 hours 1 week 1 month see. BEST BEFORE

  Attention! After defrosting do not refreeze