On a daily basis and for over 50 years, we have forged a path with awareness, inspiration,
effort and evolution to help bring the freshest,
most nourishing and delicious vegetables to every household.

Vegetables grown in Greek fields

Find out everything about our frozen veggies. Learn about how we cultivate them, how we harvest them at the optimal stage of their maturity and how we freeze them in the frame of only a few hours so that they can get to you full of freshness, vitamins, and nutrients!

Freshly cut salads

Discover everything you want to know about our fresh salads. Learn about how we cultivate and harvest our veggies and how we take care of them to make sure they reach your table fresh and full of flavor.


Enter the wonderful world of vegetables! The Vegetable Index is an easy, simple and fast way to find our everything you need to know about your favorite veggies!