At Barba Stathis, our goal every day for over 50 years now
has been to bring you the very best of what the abundant Greek land has to offer.
We hope you will get to know us better by finding out about the vision
and values we have abided by, since the very beginning.

We are a large group of people who are all devoted to the same mission: to bring you the safest, most nutritious and most delicious vegetables. We have been operating in the sale of frozen vegetables, dough, and fresh salads, both in Greece and abroad, under the Barba Stathis and Chryssi Zymi brand names. Adhering to the trinity of nourishment, flavor, and ease of use, we have sought each and every day to bring you innovative products of unrivaled quality and maximum safety standards. At present, we own 5 factories for the production of vegetables and dough, and we have 11,000 points of sale. We also operate abroad, with exports to 5 continents and 25 countries!
Our vision is to present safe, quality products, which offer value to our customers and help shape nutritional standards. We are guided by the principles of sustainable development and are inspired by Greek dietary wisdom to promote a healthy lifestyle.
For 50 years now, we have maintained the same values instilled in us, since the very beginning. Namely, to continuously offer our customers products that stand out because of their unrivaled quality, utmost safety, innovation and Greek authenticity, and which respect both humanity and nature. These principles are the cornerstone of every decision of ours and remain unchanged despite the passing of time; they guide and inspire us every day.

Optimal quality

Nature never ceases to provide us with the best available ingredients. That's why we invest in our human capital, ensuring that our vegetables are always the best and safest. Thanks to both our Integrated Farming system and the state-of-the-art equipment used in our facilities, we are confident that our vegetables retain all their freshness and nutritional content, up until they reach your plate.

Maximum safety

We work with selected farmers and adhere to fully monitored and documented processes on the fields, such as the Integrated Farming Management system and Precision Agriculture, allowing us to have full control over every stage of production. At the same time, we carry out more than 300 checks on a daily basis to ensure that we always bring to your table the quality and safety with which the Barba Stathis brand is synonymous.


Thanks to the expertise of our people, we have developed a reliable and integrated Research & Development operation aimed primarily at developing innovative products.

Respecting both Humankind and Nature

We respect nature, people, the abundant Greek land and all it has to offer. We have adopted a model of sustainable development and circular economy, and we implement environmentally friendly procedures, consistently and responsibly. Moreover, we continue to invest in solutions that help us reduce our environmental footprint and use natural resources responsibly.

Authentically Greek

Since we began operating, we have continuously supported Greek entrepreneurship and the Greek economy. As part of the Contract Farming program, the first of its kind ever implemented in Greece, we have partnered with more than 1,000 Greek farmers who cultivate more than 3.000 hectares of arable Greek land. We remain faithful to our vision of offering you the most nutritious, safe and delicious vegetables, while preserving our food tradition and attuning it to the needs of contemporary life.


Our company’s roots go back more than 50 years. Its story is inspired by the Greek culinary tradition, and it still goes strong today with a sole goal in mind: to offer you high quality vegetables which will help you prepare delicious, healthy and nutritious meals every day. The Barba Stathis brand is synonymous with this commitment!


Our corporate responsibility is an integral part of our culture. We ensure that our business operates in a consistently responsible manner towards the environment, society, and our people. We strive to implement sustainable practices in all our activities, and in doing so, we help create a better future by bringing value to the primary sector, to our society and to the domestic economy alike.
We stand apart from our competition by constantly and consistently giving our best.
Locally grown vegetables,
as fresh as the moment of harvest!
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