Locally grown vegetables, as fresh as the moment of harvest.
Backed by the Barba Stathis guarantee of safety and quality.

Fine vegetables full of vitamins and flavor, as fresh as the moment of harvest. Always with the Barba Stathis guarantee of quality, freshness and taste!
Delicious and tender organic vegetables from Greek Macedonian fields with DIO certification.
Traditional Greek recipes with combinations of vegetables, in the right proportions for delicious, traditional and nutritious meals for the whole family.
Delicious and crunchy potatoes from the Greek land and sweet potatoes, with a unique taste, quality and aroma. Natural velvety mashed potatoes, give color and flavor to your dishes.
Ideal combination of fine Greek pasta or rice with a variety of nutritious and delicious vegetables. A delicious meal of high nutritional value.
Triple-washed, cleaned, ready to eat. Freshly chopped high quality vegetables in delicious combinations. All the taste, freshness and quality of the finest vegetables closes in our fresh salads!
Made from 100% Greek tomatoes, Our tomato products have a unique texture and taste, while our tomato sauce with herbs elevates all your favorite dishes!