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Our vegetables are frozen within 2 hours of being picked to make sure they arrive at your table with all the freshness, vitamins and flavor sealed in. We freeze our vegetables under strictly controlled low-temperature conditions (<-18C˚), so they remain just as fresh and nutritious as they were when they left the field!

Thanks to this natural freezing process and to the quality controls we apply every step of the way (from the growing field to the transport truck), we can ensure that Barba Stathis frozen vegetables are safe, with all their nutrients preserved!

At Barba Stathis, maintaining the nutritional value, quality and safety of our vegetables is our main concern! Every day we offer vegetables harvested in Greece at peak nutrition and under strict controls applied from the very first stage of the production process.

Τo begin with, we select our producers carefully and make sure our vegetables are grown on fertile fields. We only plant the right seeds in each one of our fields and apply Integrated Crop Management methods to control every part of the production process, from sowing to harvesting. We follow best agricultural practices and harvest our vegetables at peak maturity, to guarantee they arrive at the processing unit just at the right time.

Thanks to our state-of-the art equipment, all our controls and tests are executed quickly and accurately, to make sure our vegetables are safe every step of the way and always maintain their top quality.

Our frozen vegetables are meticulously washed during processing.

This means that no further rinsing is required. Just cook them straight out of the pack without defrosting and enjoy fresh vegetables and wonderful flavors all year round.

We strictly apply all legal requirements to make sure that everyone can enjoy our Barba Stathis vegetables while remaining safe. For that reason, if one of our products contains gluten as a primary ingredient that will be mentioned in the product’s ingredient list. In addition, if there is the chance of gluten cross-contamination, this too will be clearly indicated on the product label, with advisory statements such as “may contain traces of gluten” or “made in a factory that also processes wheat”.

You can find detailed information about all our products in the Product section of our website, listing the nutritional information of every Barba Stathis product.

Temperatures may fluctuate in in-store freezers. It is, therefore, possible that vegetables slightly defrost and then freeze again, resulting in the formation of ice inside the pack.

Only if there is extensive defrosting can the color, and possibly also the texture, taste and boiling time, be affected or can certain quality indicators gradually degrade. But even then, the product can be consumed just as safely!

Vegetables start to lose nutrients the moment they leave the field. At Barba Stathis, we freeze our vegetables within two hours of harvesting and use a natural and innovative method to ensure they arrive at your table at peak freshness. This instantaneous freezing method, called IQF (Instantaneous Quick Freeze), seals in all the freshness, nutritional content and flavor of fruits and vegetables without using preservatives.

This is how we manage to offer you fresh vegetables grown in fertile Greek soils all year round, and help you prepare healthy meals quickly and easily.

Home-freezing is a very slow process lasting between 15 and 20 hours, during which time the vegetables may lose some of their properties (vitamins, safety, taste, texture, etc.) On the contrary, with industrial freezing the process only lasts a few minutes.

This means we can ensure your favorite vegetables will get to you just as they were when they left the field, with all their freshness and nutrients sealed in.

As mentioned on our packs, our vegetables must be stored in the freezer, between -4°F and 5°F. This guarantees that all their properties will remain intact (freshness, taste, texture, preservation period, and nutritional value based on Vitamin C index) so you can enjoy them just as fresh as the day they were picked!

No, because their texture, taste and boiling time may be affected.

So, it is best to avoid thawing frozen vegetables before cooking them, since doing so could end up compromising, rather than improving, their taste and quality.


To enjoy the freshness and safety that Barba Stathis products guarantee! Grown only by certified producers, our salads are sold at peak freshness, triple-washed, chopped and ready to eat! They are free from any traces of pesticides and come in packaging that creates a protective atmosphere within, in order prevents the growth of microorganisms and allow the salad to “breathe”.

Our fresh salads are completely free from preservatives!

Our innovative packaging ensures that all the freshness, flavor and nutrients of the salads are sealed in the bag and that they will remain there throughout their lifetime if stored at the right temperature (between 2 and 5 °C (36 and 41 °F).

In all stages of production, distribution and transport, we take every single necessary measure to ensure that our products will be of the highest quality and completely safe from viruses and bacteria.

his is why we can guarantee that our salads are completely safe for immediate consumption.

Barba Stathis fresh salads are triple-washed, freshly chopped and ready to eat.

Just add the ingredients of your choice to create a balanced and tasty meal.

We wash our salads thoroughly using a mechanical process that involves three-stages, ensuring that they can get to you completely safe and ready to eat!

Our fresh salad packaging includes all the indications required by law to provide access to essential information about our products, such as weight, ingredients, nutritional information, etc.

Our fresh salads options that come with a dressing or a mix of fruit and nuts are highly nutritious and complete serving suggestions, with all relevant product information found on the packaging.

Salad is a living, breathing organism which means it needs to take in oxygen as well as emit carbon dioxide in order to stay alive.

Our packaging is designed to foster a protective atmosphere that allows the salad to continue breathing, thereby remaining fresh and nutritious throughout its lifetime.

Of course it is!

Recycling is extremely important to us and is in fact a key part of our policy to actively maintain and engage in sustainable environmental management practices, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint.