Learn everything there is to know about our fresh salads. 
Find out how we grow, look after, pick, and deliver our fresh salads to your table,
ensuring they are always fresh, safe, and flavor-packed.

We grow food safely, cultivating a sense of security

Barba Stathis fresh salads are grown by approved and certified farmers in the most suitable soils under the daily oversight and supervision of the company’s agriculturists. That’s how we ensure the highest quality and safety.



Our vegetables are harvested at the appropriate moment of ripeness, when they are most nutritious and packed with vitamins. Afterwards, using refrigerator trucks they are transported to our facilities, where they are thoroughly and rigorously quality tested: be it on the production lines, in the company’s chemical & microbiological laboratory, or using accredited partner labs that document every step of the good agricultural practices we apply.


We care

Once the vegetables that meet the required quality characteristics are delivered, it’s time for in-depth sorting, meticulous peeling, and uniform cutting using specialized machinery that ensures that the vegetables undergo the least possible stress. They are then thoroughly washed by an array of industrial vegetable washers in three stages, and, finally, gently dried using a centrifuge.

Good Industrial Practice

We safeguard quality

Barba Stathis fresh salads are weighed and sealed in innovative packaging that protects vegetables, while still letting them breathe, so they still retain their original flavor, color, texture and nutritional value. That way, the quality characteristics of our packaged salads are preserved intact, as if they had just been picked.  Vegetables are kept at all times at the required low temperatures from the moment they are picked until they are transported to the fridges at the stores where they are delivered daily. This is how the Barba Stathis guarantee is assured: quality, safe, and nutritious salads right up to the moment you enjoy them!

Intact flavor & freshness

Enjoy the taste!

Enjoy freshness, flavor & quality every single day. Unique combinations of fine quality, delectable vegetables, “super salads” mixed with nuts and super fruits, as well as a range of matching dressings that perfectly complement our salads turning them into proper meals!