Everything starts with the fertile Greek soil. That’s why we place so much value on the relationship of trust and collaboration we foster with Greek farmers. To achieve this, we promote “Contract Farming”, a collaborative program with hundreds of Greek farmers who share the same values, ideals and high standards as we do. Guided by our key principles of quality and safety, and with the help of our Integrated Crop Management system, we carry out quality controls on our vegetables at every stage, from production to harvest. While at the same time, with Precision Agriculture, we are able to utilize every piece of field data in real time! With our expertise and love of the land combined, we can confidently and consistently deliver you the very best in terms of quality, safety, nourishment and flavor.
We work alongside our farmers at every stage of production, from sowing to harvest. By examining the water table and microclimate of each region, we select areas with the best climate and the most fertile fields, to sow the seed varieties most suitable to each location. This ensures that our seeds are sowed at the right time, depth and distance to achieve maximum plantability, as well as the homogenous development of our crops!
To grow properly, vegetables need special care. We use the appropriate means to water the crops uniformly and at the right time, while also checking the quality of the water in order to ensure that the vegetables served on your table are always fresh and at the height of their nutritional value!
We are present at every field and at every moment, doing whatever needs to be done for the protection of our vegetables. We take all necessary precautions to prevent any infestation or disease, and we carry out more than 300 organoleptic and microbiological checks on a daily basis to ensure that all traces of insecticide used for the protection of the plants, is completely eliminated by the time they reach harvesting.
The timing of the harvest is crucial, especially for vegetables, and has to be carried out with care because every second counts! Our vegetables are always picked when their nutritional content, vitamins, plant proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber are all at their peak. The state-of-the-art equipment we use during harvesting ensures that our vegetables retain their optimal, pristine condition. This is how we can guarantee that every single one of our vegetables gets to your plate with the highest nutritional content possible!
Vegetables start losing their nutritional content and their vitamins as soon as they are harvested. That’s why we transport them to our state-of-the-art facilities immediately after they are picked, and within 2 hours we seal in all their freshness, flavor, and vitamins using our instant freezing method! It’s a gentle and natural process that takes place after the vegetables have been carefully selected, rigorously washed and momentarily blanched without adding any preservatives. This is how we manage to preserve the nutritiousness of the vegetables, allowing you to enjoy their freshness and nutritional content year-round, as if they had just been picked!


Our primary concern is to offer you vegetables that are nourishing, safe, and of great quality. With that in mind we, together with the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry at the School of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, have conducted a comparative study on the nutritional content of both fresh and frozen vegetables. The study scientifically and reliably confirms the benefits of frozen vegetables.
In addition, our traceability system allows us to track the source of every vegetable, during its cultivation, production, and transportation. Therefore, we can confidently offer you wholesome, peak-fresh vegetables year-round, without any traces of pesticides, fertilizers, or preservatives. Our vegetables are as fresh as the moment of harvest!

Our vegetables are picked at the peak of their ripeness and frozen within two hours, thereby sealing their freshness, vitamins and nutritional value. In fact, they remain as fresh and nutritious as they were at the moment of harvest!
Having the best and freshest ingredients available at any given time, you can prepare tasty meals every day, empowering you to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Frozen vegetables are available year-round. This means you can enjoy an unparalleled variety of vegetables and prepare countless delicious dishes with them, at any time of the year!
By being able to cook only the portion you need for each meal, frozen food means you end up reducing food waste and, in turn, protecting our planet!
Vegetables go through a natural process of “instant” freezing, or IQF (Individual Quick Freezing). It’s an instantaneous freezing method that seals in all the freshness, nutritional value and flavor of the vegetables, without needing to use any preservatives whatsoever. This process also ensures the optimal safety of the vegetables by preventing the development of microorganisms.
Our vegetables are picked at the peak of their ripeness and are frozen within two hours. The freezing process keeps both their flavor and their rich nutritional value intact, allowing you to prepare nutritious and delicious dishes on a daily basis!