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BARBA STATHIS innovates with the new product series"360° Plant-Based Meals"

January 04, 2023

BARBA STATHIS, the beloved Greek vegetable company, has expanded its product range with a most impressive taste offering! The new and innovative product series"360° Plant-Based Meals" combines plant-based, vegan balls made from pea protein in favorite Greek dishes, creating delicious and complete meals.

The "360° Plant-Based Meals" series consists of 4 complete meal suggestions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of modern consumers who want to reduce their consumption of animal-based protein and incorporate more plant-based protein into their diets.
➢    Plant based balls with Naxos Country Potatoes
➢    Plant based balls with Classic Potatoes
➢    Plant based balls with Sweet Potatoes
➢    Plant based balls with Rice & Vegetables

The products in the new "360° Plant-Based Meals" series can be prepared in just 10'-15' in a frying pan or the oven, offering an excellent alternative for a protein-rich and gluten-free meal that meets the needs of modern consumers. In addition, the packaging of the new "360° Plant-Based Meals" series highlights the commitment made by BARBA STATHIS towards the sustainability of the planet and a constantly decreasing environmental footprint, as it is 100% recyclable.

Choose your favorite flavor combination and enjoy a 360° delicious and satisfying meal in just a few minutes, with the BARBA STATHIS guarantee!

It's good for us!

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kids fun festival


May 29, 2024
On Sunday, May 19, BARBA STATHIS joined the vibrant KIDS FUN FESTIVAL held in the gardens of the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel.
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BARBA STATHIS launches a training program for its contract – farmers in collaboration with the New Agriculture New Generation organization

May 17, 2024
BARBA STATHIS has joined forces with the New Agriculture New Generation organization to introduce a specialized training program tailored to its partner producers.
18° Διεθνή Μαραθώνιο «ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ»

BARBA STATHIS takes part in the 18th international marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”

April 23, 2024
BARBA STATHIS was present at the 18th International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT" - bwin, with its employees participating in the races held on Sunday, April 21th, 2024.
«Προϊόν της Χρονιάς 2024»

"Product of the Year 2024" awarded to the "360° Plant Based Meal” series by BARBA STATHIS

April 22, 2024
“Product of the Year 2024” has been awarded to the new BARBA STATHIS "360 Plant Based Meal" series in the competition’s Vegan Meals category.
νημερωτική ημερίδα για τον καρκίνο του παχέος εντέρου

BARBA STATHIS Organizes Health Awareness Workshop on Colon Cancer

April 15, 2024
In collaboration with the Association of Friends of Theagenio Cancer Hospital "Alexandros Symeonidis", BARBA STATHIS conducted an informative workshop on colon cancer for its employees.
business day

BARBA STATHIS organizes "BUSINESS DAY" in cooperation with SEV

April 15, 2024
BARBA STATHIS, a leading company in Greece’s agri-food sector, welcomed representatives from start-ups and research centers to its premises as part of the "Business Day" event organized by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).

BARBA STATHIS employees’ Union blood drive

March 22, 2024
The blood drive organized by the BARBA STATHIS employees' Union had a significant response and impact.
barba stathis

BARBA STATHIS hosts cancer awareness day

February 29, 2024
BARBA STATHIS, in collaboration with the Hellenic Cancer Society, hosted an informative day dedicated to raising cancer awareness for all its employees.
platinum ecovadis

EcoVadis Honors BARBA STATHIS with Platinum for Sustainability Excellence

February 27, 2024
BARBA STATHIS has secured the platinum award in the EcoVadis sustainability performance evaluation, placing it among the top 1% of companies assessed globally and receiving outstanding scores.
barba stathis

BARBA STATHIS takes initiative to support homeless citizens in Thessaloniki

February 16, 2024
BARBA STATHIS is committed to standing with our fellow people in need.