BARBA STATHIS secures Growth Winner title at 2023 Growth Awards

November 13, 2023

BARBA STATHIS has been recognized as the Growth Winner in the seventh edition of the Growth Awards, standing alongside five other companies. This acknowledgment is attributed to BARBA STATHIS's commitment to best business practices, sustainable growth, and ongoing modernization.

Driven by sustainability and innovation, BARBA STATHIS dynamically confronts contemporary challenges, actively upgrading the domestic business landscape and contributing to its development and modernization.

This prestigious accolade from the Growth Awards not only underscores consumers' enduring trust and preference over the past 50 years but also signifies the recognition received from institutional and business entities that value excellence.

BARBA STATHIS CEO, Mr. Nikitas Pothoulakis, highlighted that "BARBA STATHIS is charting a robust growth trajectory, emphasizing the green transition and consistently investing in innovative technology. We take great pride in this award and are steadfast in our commitment to furthering our efforts in supporting and continually modernizing the primary sector and the agri-food industry. Together, we are cultivating a better tomorrow for all."


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BARBA STATHIS Organizes Health Awareness Workshop on Prostate Cancer

November 29, 2023
In collaboration with the Hellenic Urological Society, BARBA STATHIS conducted a series of informative workshops on prostate cancer for both male and female employees.
best launching award

“360° Plant Based Meal” product range receives Best Launching Awards 2023

November 02, 2023
The new product range “360° Plant Based Meal” stood out at the Best Launching Awards 2023, winning the top honor as one of the strongest launches of the year.
frozen awards

Multiple distinctions for BARBA STATHIS at the Frozen Food Innovation Awards 2023

October 23, 2023
BARBA STATHIS distinguished itself once more this year at the Frozen Food Innovation Awards 2023 by receiving four noteworthy awards, reflecting its commitment to sustainable development and continuous modernization.
World Food Day

BARBA STATHIS celebrates World Food Day with an employee workshop

October 23, 2023
To mark the occasion of World Food Day, BARBA STATHIS organized an employee workshop on its premises in collaboration with specialized dietician Niki Athanasiadou from “Food Method”.
BARBA STATHIS new scholarships for employees’ children

BARBA STATHIS new scholarships for employees’ children

October 12, 2023
BARBA STATHIS, committed to stand by the new generation, offered a total of four full, two-year study scholarships to the children of employees.
Homeless Shelter

BARBA STATHIS employees support a volunteering initiative at the Municipality of Thessaloniki Homeless Shelter

October 04, 2023
Under the umbrella of the "Together we do good!" Volunteer Program, BARBA STATHIS volunteers offered their assistance at the Municipality of Thessaloniki's Homeless Shelter.

BARBA STATHIS Achieves Double Gold and Silver Awards at Super Market and Packaging Awards 2023

October 02, 2023
BARBA STATHIS once again distinguished itself this year with significant accolades in the F&B sector's top awards.
Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Day by BARBA STATHIS

Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Day by BARBA STATHIS

September 14, 2023
BARBA STATHIS, in collaboration with the association "Orama Elpidas", organized an informative workshop for employees on the topic of bone marrow donation.
Η ΜΠΑΡΜΠΑ ΣΤΑΘΗΣ επενδύει σε ανανεώσιμες πηγές ενέργειας

BARBA STATHIS continues to invest in renewable energy sources, significantly improving its environmental footprint

September 05, 2023
Guided by the principles of sustainable development and responsible entrepreneurship, BARBA STATHIS continuously invests in “green" practices and technologies in an effort to reduce its environmental footprint.
volunteer group cleans up Axios Delta National Park

BARBA STATHIS volunteer group cleans up Axios Delta National Park coastal area

June 27, 2023
As part of the BARBA STATHIS volunteer program, "Together we do good!” a group of employees took part in an initiative to clean up a coastal area at the Axios Delta National Park in an effort to raise awareness about environmental issues and boost volunteering numbers among their colleagues.