Carrots (14%), corn (13%), peas (5%), potatoes (6,4%), cheese with herbs (12,2%) [cream cheese, yoghurt, water, salt, whey protein, maize starch, acidity regulator: citric acid, herbs (chive, parsley, onion, garlic)], bread crumbs (14,8%) (wheat our, water, yeast, salt), vegetable oil, wheat our, egg powder, maize starch, water, salt.

Nutritional Value

 Per 100gPer portion
  Per 100g % of GDA
Energy 227kcal 272kcal
Fat 12.5g 15.0g
of which saturates 4.2g 5.0g
Carbohydrates 24.0g 28.8g
of which sugars 0.7g 0.8g
Fibre 2.5g 3.0g
Sodium 0.50g 0.60g
Protein 4.6g 5.5g


In the oven: Preheat the oven to 220°C. Put the Vegetable Bites in an oven dish without defrosting them and bake for 12-15 minutes until brown.
In the frying pan: Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Fry the Vegetable Bites for 5-7 minutes over medium heat and turn them over one to two times until they are brown.

Cook as any vegetable, whithout defrosting


Refigerator Freezer -6 o C Freezer -12 o C Freezer -18 o C
24 hours 1 week 1 month see. BEST BEFORE

  Attention! After defrosting do not refreeze